The Haitian earthquake happened seven years ago.  So much time has passed that many people assume that life in Haiti has recovered and is continuing on as normal.  And, in many cases, this is true.  However, for other Haitians, life as they knew it stopped seven years ago and has not resumed.  These Haitians live as refugees within their own country.  Their homes are makeshift shelters of wood and tarps.  They struggle to find jobs, which in turn makes it difficult to feed their families.  

LDJ is one such community of refugees.  They lost their homes in the Haitian earthquake, but they haven’t lost their faith in the good of other people.  They have embraced Peacebuilding Solutions as their partner even though we came in as outsiders.  Our research team worked hard to earn the trust of the LDJ community.  By listening to what the community had to say and implementing projects that were needed by the community, Peacebuilding Solutions has proven to LDJ that we are there for them until they can get on their feet.  

Over the past several years, we have implemented several projects there with the help of the community.  Children were given new shoes – bought by a community leader at local shops.  A new latrine was built by community members.  Agricultural tools were purchased so community members wouldn’t have to spend the majority of their day’s pay on renting tools just to work.  Change is happening at LDJ, and we couldn’t be more excited.

But there’s still a lot of need in the community.  Peacebuilding Solutions wants to make sure that community members are living as comfortably as possible.  To that end, we need your  help.  

#GivingTuesday, a national day of giving and generosity following Thanksgiving, is on Tuesday, November 28th.  Peacebuilding Solutions has big plans on how to impact the lives of the LDJ community.  With your help, we can purchase special tarps that will reflect the hot Haitian sunlight and keep the homes of community members from overheating.  We are also looking to purchase tubs for bathing, dental care supplies such as toothbrushes, and food that can be distributed through the community.  

A $10 donation can help change the lives of refugees as they work to change their own futures.  We’re looking for your support so we can give the LDJ community the lives they are working so hard towards!