10 Facts about Refugees


According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), there are 65.6 million refugees,  internally displaced persons (IDPs), and asylum seekers across the world.  As we approach the anniversary of #10yearsofPS, we wanted to take the time to give you 10 Facts about Refugees and IDPs. Everyone has a story that deserves to be heard and by highlighting facts, we increase the positive conversation surrounding refugees globally.  

  1. One in every 113 people on Earth has now been driven from their home by persecution, conflict and violence or human rights violations
  2. In order to be considered a refugee, a person has to cross a border.  Millions more people flee their homes but remain in their home countries, ending up as Internally Displaced Persons rather than refugees.
  3. 20 people are forcibly displaced every minute as a result of conflict or persecution.
  4. The top 5 areas that refugees are from are Lake Chad Basin, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Syria.
  5. The majority of refugees and displaced persons are being hosted in Africa and the Middle East.
  6. The world’s largest refugee camp is Uganda’s Bidi Bidi refugee settlement.  Over 285,000 people live there.
  7. Roughly 50% of all refugees are children under the age of 18 – despite the fact that children only make up about 30% of the world’s population.
  8. The number of refugees has nearly doubled in the past 20 years.
  9. More than 3 million refugees in total have arrived in the U.S. since 1975.
  10. A lot of the help that many humanitarian aid groups provides does not fully address the problem. Currently, we’re working with a community of IDPs in Haiti, who lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake and are living in a displacement camp that most aid organizations have since left.  We believe that working long-term with a community allows for a better understanding of what the community wants and needs for long-term success.  You can donate here to help us support this community.

Peacebuilding Solutions (PS) is a Georgia grown humanitarian aid organization that offers a technologically and culturally sensitive approach to re-stabilize the livelihoods of people who have become refugees or internally displaced persons. Started in 2008, we conduct proprietary research to understand and outline the needs of people who have become refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs) in order to provide the game-changing humanitarian aid that facilitates communities to rebuild and advance on their own terms. For more information, visit us at www.solvepeace.org.