9 Films about Refugees and IDPS

9 Films about Refugees and IDPS

From one of cinema’s greatest stories to modern-day documentaries, there are a plethora of films about refugees and the challenges they face.  Today, PS wants to share with you 9 films about refugees.  Some are movies and some are documentaries, but all tell a piece in the story of what it means to be a refugee.



1. Jou Pa Jou

This short documentary was filmed by PS in Haiti.  It tells the story of PS’s work in Haiti since 2012.  PS is dedicated to providing culturally appropriate aid to refugee and IDP communities.  In Haiti, this meant purchasing rainwater collection tanks and a sustainable water purification system, among other needs.


2. Casablanca

The classic drama tells the story of a man caught in the middle of his love for a woman and how to help her husband, a Czech Resistance fighter.  It’s set during the second World War and, at it’s heart, is about the plight of Jewish refugees fleeing their homes.  The film itself is noted as being one of the first strongly anti-Nazi films produced.


3. In This World

In This World follows the journey of two Afghan refugees as they go from a refugee camp in Pakistan and travel to London.  They use illegal and dangerous ways to accomplish this, paying people to smuggle them across borders.  


4. Salam Neighbor

The filmmakers of this documentary were allowed by the UN to register and live in a refugee camp in Jordan, the first to be granted such access.  They spent a month documenting the conditions in a camp facing a huge humanitarian crisis.  The film became part of a three-part campaign to raise awareness for what Syrian refugees face.  


5. Pushing the Elephant

This documentary follows the story of a family torn apart by war and violence, and what it means to become a family again.  Rose Mapendo, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, left her home country after her husband was killed and she was imprisoned.  War tore her family apart, and she was forced to leave one of her children behind.  The documentary looks at the reunion between the daughter left behind and the mother that was forced to flee, and address the issues that come up as a result.


6. 4.1 Miles

The Greek island of Lesbos is just 4.1 miles from the coast of Turkey.  The crossing is one that thousands of migrants and refugees have made.  This documentary is filmed over the course of one day and follows the actions of a Greek coast guard captain tasked with saving the lives of thousands of these migrants.  


7. After Spring

After Spring follows two refugee families living in Zaatari, one of the largest camps for Syrian refugees, as well as the aid workers in the camp.  It takes an important look at what it means to have to rebuild your life in a place that was never intended to be permanent.  


8. The Resettled

What happens after refugees are resettled?  The Resettled takes a look at refugees who have settled in the United States and explores the challenges they face.  It also addresses how welcomed refugees feel in the United States.  


9. The Land Between

The Land Between looks at the lives of refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa who are now living in Morocco.  It explores the risks that these refugees will take to get to Europe, including risking their own lives crossing the border into Spain.  These refugees face discrimination and violence from both Moroccan and Spanish authorities as they search for a better life.