What we do

What We Do


Peacebuilding Solutions is currently working with the LDJ community in Haiti. Our fundamental belief is that humanitarian aid should engage the communities it serves and use their feedback in developing culturally sensitive solutions.


My hopes and dreams for LDJ Community is for the population at the community to be at peace.   Where they have a home to call a home to stay, and are able to send their children to school, have a small clinic to help them in case of first aid emergency. I wish that every individual person at LDJ community to have a regular life like everyone else in the world.  If it wasn’t for Peacebuilding Solutions they would’ve been forgotten.


– Jhonson, a local contact in Haiti


We’ve assisted this community by:

  • Purchasing shoes for the children.
  • Tarps for shelters
  • Rainwater collectors.

All items were purchased from local shops. Workers were hired from the community to distribute and install the aid. To learn more, please watch the documentary below.

Jou Pa Jou (Day by day)