Who we are

Who We Are


Peacebuilding Solutions is a humanitarian aid organization that offers a technologically and culturally sensitive approach to re-stabilize the livelihoods of people who have become refugees or internally displaced persons.

We conduct proprietary research to understand and outline the needs of people who have become refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs) in order to provide the game-changing humanitarian aid that facilitates communities to rebuild and advance on their own terms.


We believe that the communities themselves know more about their needs than we do. Thus, we work with the communities we serve to tailor our intervention to their specific needs through our research processes.


We are determined to change the international aid system. To do that, we must be advocates for the refugee and IDP communities we serve. We want to see a system where refugees and IDPs are given the loudest voice and final say in what projects, programs, and interventions are right for their communities.


We know that no single solutions is going to fit every problem. Thus, once we’ve gathered enough data on the community, we provide the necessary resources to implement the interventions.